Fever Treatment (Jwara Chikitsa) – Single and Compound Formulation of Ayurveda Drugs

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Ayurvedic Single Formulation and Compound Formulation for treatment of Fever. This Drugs given in this article are suggested by CCIM and Ministry of Ayush for BAMS Doctors.

Introduction: FEVER

The Acharyas of Ayurveda have considered fever as the most important and dominant disease. The word fever has also been used in the synonym of disease. One of the main reasons why fever is predominant is that fever occurs in all beings from birth to death. It is an independent disease and also manifests as a symptom of many diseases. There is also a description of Rudra Kop. Jathragni pathology has special significance in the origin of this disease.

It affects both body and mind equally. In modern medical science it is known as Fever or Pyrexia.

Ayurvedic Drugs Used in Treatment of Jwar

Best Medicine for treating Fever are Guduci, Chirayata, Mustak, Pippali and Vasa. There Dose, Forms and Anupam are given in the below picture.

Guduci (Swarasa) – 10ml with Honey or pippali curna

Chirayata (Phanta Kalpana) – 30ml with dhanyaka leave.

Katuki (Curna Kalpana) – 3gm Twice a Day with Sugar.

Mustak (Kwatha Kalpana) – 30ml with Parpata Curna

Pippali (Curna Kalpana) – 2gm twice a Day with Honey.

Vasa (Swaras) – 10ml twice a day with Sugar and Honey.

Fever treatment in fever
Single Formulation Drug in Fever

Compound Formulation (औषधि योग )

The Medicine which contain more than one kashta(herbs) or Rasa dravya are known are compound formulation.

Some Compound drugs commonly used to treat fever are

Sudarsana Curna – 3gm twice a Day with Cold water.

Trilokya Curna (Vati) – 125mg Twice a Day with Coconut water.

Mrtyunjaya Rasa (Vati) – 250mg Twice a Day with Honey.

Dasamula Kwatha (kwath) – 30ml Twice a Day with Water.

Sanjivani Vati – 250mg Twice a Day with Ginger juice.

Laksmivilasa Rasa (Vati) – 250mg Twice a day with ginger juice or Paan ka Patta (betel leaf juice).

Maha Jwarancusa Rasa (vati) – 250mg Twice a Day with Ginger juice or Honey.

Tribhuvan Kirti Rasa (Vati) – 250mg with Ginger juice or Honey.

Chandrakala Rasa (Vati) – 250mg Twice a Day with water

Srngarabhra Rasa (vati) – 250mg twice a Day with Honey

Amrtarista (Aristha) – 20ml 20ml twice a day with equal quantity of water.

chandana bala lakshadi taila (Taila) – For External use, Quantity Sufficient (Q.S.)

Fever treatment in fever
Compound Formulation for Fever

Pathya Apathya for Patient

The Panchkarma and other procedures if required may be rationally given by Doctor on case to case basis.The above mentioned dose is for the use of adults. However, dose and duration of therapy, pathya & apathya may be conveniently decided by the Doctor on case to case basis on Ayurvedic

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