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By | February 5, 2020

Searching for Grofers – Customer care Number is now easy with us. I can help you to reach Grofers customer care representative. Read Full Blog to know other detail about Grofers Store, App and offers.

What is Grofers?

Grofer is one of the largest players in the Indian home and grocery market, serving 25 cities in India. Three new cities are also added recently. So now grofer customer care service is in 28 cities in India. All cities are given above, Comment if your city is not on the list.

Grofers is an Indian online grocery delivery service. It was founded by IITians. Its headquarter is in Gurugram India. Grofers currently operates in 28 cities.

When did People order on Grofer?

I tried to analyze how customers buy and order habits on the Grofers platform. The practice aims to gain a deeper understanding of the basic components of a consumer’s lifestyle-daily needs. There are two main areas of the diagram. 10:12 am and 6 pm to 10 pm. Grofer’s customer order mainly at night, and there is also a large proportion of orders in the evening. The morning rush can be attributed to housewives who have some time after breakfast and before preparing lunch.

Where Grofers Service Available?

  • Delhi, 
  • Mumbai, 
  • Bangalore, 
  • Pune, 
  • Jaipur, 
  • Chennai, 
  • Hyderabad, 
  • Kolkata, 
  • Lucknow, 
  • Aligarh, 
  • Agra, 
  • Ahmedabad, 
  • Gurugram, 
  • Noida, 
  • Ghaziabad, 
  • Kanpur, 
  • Faridabad, 
  • Meerut, 
  • Rohtak, 
  • Bhiwadi, 
  • Moradabad, 
  • Sonipat, 
  • Guwahati, 
  • Panipat, 
  • Durgapur, 
  • Vadodara, 
  • Allahabad, 
  • Modinagar

To order groceries online on grofer. Customers can use mobile app GROFERS or Grofers official website. where all daily needs are available at the market cheapest price and great offers. We make our customers happy.

Official Website to visit:

Lack of groceries is a common occurrence. Hot drinks are delivered to your door every hour, and a variety of groceries are delivered from the street corner market. Deliveries at grocery stores disappeared as grocery stores disappeared, as large supermarkets closed smaller “mum and pop” stores. Electronic grocers are now trying to restore the customized and personalized shopping experience offered by traditional grocery stores as well as home delivery services. Currently, electronic grocers provide customers with quality in four ways: go-to-ship, unattended, in-store truck, and third-party truck locations (see Table 1.2). In this section, we overview each method and discuss their comparative advantages and disadvantages. For an in-depth study of supervised and inaccessible transport models in the electronics grocery industry, see Punakiew (2003).

In the early days of the Grofers, everything was about execution, and it still is. firstly, we tried to improve the consumer delivery experience through technology, and now we turn it into a business that builds a network and engages shoppers and consumers.

Secondly, We are relying on our technology and user experience as our core areas.

Thirdly, We started placing more than 50,000 orders per day. App downloads were close to 3 million and ranked in the “Top 25 Apps of 2015” and “Top 50 Apps of 2015” in the App Store.

Grocery Store App: The Grocery Store app has the idea of ​​making environmental photos around these grocery stores. It refers to all these categories of market products and their specialities. These grocery store apps can actually reconstruct the organic perspective of the region, giving consumers basic ideas about the quality of the products on the market. Therefore, when users are next to each other, requests related to discounts and locations for products and stores are passed. Personalized Marketing Applications: Personalized grocery distribution applications are designed to give these users a whole new level of shopping experience. These apps encourage consumers to create grocery lists, store them, and allow users to purchase these items. This means that one can use these products when needed.

Catering is crucial for hotel management. Food and beverage management is a mechanism that involves the selection, preparation, display, and preservation of food. The Food and Beverage Manager is responsible for the quality, inspection and nutrition of the food as well as the foods that are beneficial to the people. If you plan to build a large hotel for your guests and serve to be away from your home, then you should provide food and beverages and you successfully provide food and beverages through food and beverage management can do. Managers must have the skills to secure food and beverages to provide successful services.

Recently, the food technology industry has seen many innovations in the form of online food ordering and has revolutionized the food delivery scene. Integrating online ordering functionality into POS or third-party integrations makes it easier to receive online orders. A typical restaurant accepts orders from several online ordering solution providers (such as Foodpanda, Swiggy, Zomato, etc.). POS integration enables orders to be automatically accepted in POS without manually entering online orders.

In the United States, the online food ordering market has grown, with 40% of American adults ordering food online at one time. The online food ordering market consists of food prepared by restaurants, meals prepared by independents and food ordered online and then picked up or distributed. By the late 2000s, major pizza chains built their own mobile applications and started doing 20–30% of their business online. With increased smartphone penetration and Uber’s share and growth in the economy, food delivery startups are beginning to receive more attention.

In the past few years, the trend of online food ordering has been increasing. The increasing popularity of smartphones and Internet connections provide a very convenient and fast opportunity for food transportation. Online food delivery provides consumers with a wide variety of foods.

“Gopher” is the common name of a wrong boy in North America, where Saurabh and Alibinder meet. We started with the delivery of groceries and medicines, and “Gopher + Grocers” eventually became growers. Furthermore, we believe that the name Grophers belongs to a very good category for our consumers. Since we offer a wide variety of household items, we want the name Grofers to be synonymous with groceries.

Grofers is a mobile commerce marketplace for your everyday shopping. This enables you to shop at your favorite store nearby and receive your delivery in 90 minutes. With just a few taps on the Grofers mobile app, you can buy groceries, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, flowers, meat, pet care, baby care and cosmetics. You can deliver everything immediately, or you can set a convenient time later.

Grofers is the youngest startup in the top five, raising $ 120 million in the Series D round last November. Founded in 2013, the company is an ultra-localized delivery service that connects consumers with consumers, merchants, grocery stores, bakeries, organic food retailers and laundry services. The company also works with merchants such as Le Marche, Needs, HealthKart, Quikr.

Skip the trip to the grocery store and love more time-consuming things at Growers

Indian grocery stores are a subset of the entire grocery and retail industry. In the United States, grocery stores account for the largest share of food store sales, including supermarkets.

In 2013, grocery stores accounted for 90% of the country’s food and beverage store sales, while supermarkets accounted for 95% of total grocery store sales. We bring a variety of fresh groceries to you and you can choose the most convenient delivery time.

Order in the morning to ship the same day, or order your groceries in the evening, then you can buy fresh strawberries, milk, eggs, etc. at your doorstep.

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  1. Rajib chowdhury

    Delivery item missing.i complain solve my problem.

    1. Rajib chowdhury

      My order attached file mail .but solve my problem facing.plz take action immediately

      1. Rajib chowdhury

        Customer care executive not help me .2000 rs item missing

  2. Rajib chowdhury

    My bill 12770 .and missing item 2000

    Both big basket and Grofers are worthless apps meant to cheat customers. The promo codes displayed on BB Offers section, cannot be applied during checkout. Once you cancel the order, they will deduct 30 rupees and refund the amount to your big basket cash wallet and not to the original mode of payment.

    Grofers .. the price of items fluctuates like share prices on the stock exchange. please buy grocery from local Kirana shop and veggies from local bazaars.,..u ll save money and will get better quality products as compared to Grofers or big basket….both are fraud companies.

  3. Rajib chowdhury

    Customer is very bad for customers to help & problem facing

    I worked at Grofers for 7 months. My personal experience at grofers says that it is not a nice place to work for if anyone is joining the company in operations profile reason being

    1) The guys who work in operations are not sitting in head office they are sitting in a small room with station managers and assistant station managers and senior station managers, the kind of work they do is just put entries in excel sheet. I don’t know y don’t they hire data operators whose typing speed is very fast. U are made to sit with field executives who always use abusive languages. There are many incidents where managers got beaten by field executives. Learning is really zero u will learn nothing just waste ur time coming to this company. yes you will learn perseverance to stay and introspect yourself for joining the company

    2) working place is so unhygienic. imagine a small room with 80 peoples in it sometimes you don’t even have space to sit.

    3)NO fixed working hours you can be forced to work for 14-16 hours a day. Even taking your lunch becomes a problem.

    4) Use of abusive languages by your seniors, trying to blame the juniors for their mistakes.

    5) No hr policy in this company any senior can ask you to leave the company for small mistakes you do .hence no job security. They have their own calendar( no holidays on Diwali new year Christmas)



  4. Rajsk

    My payment stuck for so many days what should I do, but after reading this article this really help me out. I contact Google pay customer care service and they send money back to my account.
    thankyou for providing Google pay customer care number.


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