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By | January 9, 2020

Issue with your Google pay Account and want to get google pay customer care number. Then you are on the right page. provide you verified customer care number. Customer is God and if God is in problem then how any company can sit relax. We provide you with customer care and complaint number of many Big and Local companies. Okay let talk about what you are searching for, You can see Google Customer care number in the Blue number you can call them on your phone. But here comes a twist in your life.

Google Pay customer care number

Company: Google pay(Tez)

Google Pay

Google Pay Customer Service

Click the yellow button to call google pay customer care representative toll free.

Or Send Email to Google Pay if you are getting the busy line.

Google Pay Customer care service is 24hrs active. To contact us in Business Hours, Call on toll-free number 18004190157.

9:00 am – 10:00 pm
9:00 am – 10:00 pm
9:00 am – 10:00 pm
9:00 am – 10:00 pm
9:00 am – 10:00 pm
9:00 am – 10:00 pm
9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Google Pay – Headoffice Address

Official Website:- Visit website


Privacy Policy

Address:- 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View 94043

Google pay customer care service is not so great as you think of google should be. Google pay has more than 100 million users. So many google pay customer has some issue and want to solve there issue as fast as possible. So why I am explaining this to you? when you try to communicate with Google Pay customer care you don’t know when your call will pick up, You will listen to ‘busy tone’ for 3 minutes to 5 minutes or maybe for hours.

Here we come to help you, always provide you with the best way to solve your issue after helping many customers and learning from there experience. Read Full blog post to Know More……

If you get into trouble while using google pay(Tez) app. Don’t worry we will let you know How can you contact Google pay customer care whether you live in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, other states of India you can use google pay customer care number toll-free 24/7 in just one dial.

3 ways to contact google pay customer care

  • Phone:- Call Direct to google pay agent. Tell them your issue.
  • Chat:- Online chat with user google pay user care executive agent.
  • E-mail:- Send them your written application regarding your problem. 

Google pay Customer Care Helpline Number Toll-free is:- 18004190157

After the call is picked up, they will give you an option to choose your language,

  1. Choose the English press 1.
  2. For Selecting Hindi press 2.
  3. For Tamil press 3.

A Google bot will talk to you, guiding you to solve your issue in your language. A bot asks you for more information about your issue listed below. After selecting your issue, Bot will guide you to solve your issue (as I already explained in this post.). Now you can press the * button on your phone to talk customer care executive but you have to wait for a few minutes.

Bot ask you to provide more information about your issue, the issue is listed below:-

  1. Is money left your account but not reached receivers account press1
  2. For the issue with bill payment press 2
  3. Unable to transfer or receive money press 3
  4. If you are unable to add Bank account press 4
  5. other issues like reward claim press 5

Some Common Problem People face in Google Pay, these are common problem google pay user face while using google pay. We will guide you on what to do in this type of situation?

  • Does your Money get deducted but in received by recipient during Fund Transfer?
  • Bank Server Not Respond or Unavailable?
  • Does your Payment doesn’t Successfully transferred- Transfer Fail?
  • Can’t Register on Google pay?
  • Google Pay unable to Verify your Number.
  • Couldn’t get account balance?

If you are also facing the same problem listed above then you no need to worry about this blog will help you in solving a problem in 3-5 minutes. We also tell you How can you contact google pay customer care on phone number, Before that you should read this post carefully to fix your problem.

 Phone Verification Failed Google Pay

If you’re having problems in verifying your phone number, Not receiving a one-time password (OTP) on your Phone. The possible reason you can’t verify your phone number is:-

  • Wrong Phone number:- Google Pay work online in India, So you need to use Indian Number.
  •  The mistake in Typing Mobile Number:- You may type the wrong number in between or typed Extra number.
  • Not enough Balance:- Check your Sims is active and have to Balance for send SMS.
  • Internet Speed:- Your internet is fast enough. Check by opening any Site.
  • Try to Restart Your Google pay application.

 Google pay add bank account Issue

The possible reason that you can not Set up google pay add a bank account in your phone.

Not Updated your App:- Your Google Pay app is out of date, update it from the Google Play app.

Your Bank Account not Listed in-app.

Account Type:- Your Bank account type should be Saving Account, not Joint account or International account. (only Saving account is accepted.)

Linked Phone Number:- Is your Mobile Number is linked to Your Account Number.

 Google Pay Send and receive money issue

A problem in sending money receiving money and transaction fails. You may reach google pay money transfer limit, The maximum money transfer through google pay depends on UPI and Bank account.

  • You may reach Google pay Money transfer Limit, There is a Daily money transfer limit and monthly money transfer limit.
  • The UPI transfer limit is one lac a day and 10 times in a day. If you reach the UPI transfer limit, wait for the next day.
  • Bank Limits:- Every Bank have Different Money transfer limit. So Contact your bank customer care number for more information.

Payment Processing Google Pay – What to Do?

Paid someone money but the payment is taking more time than usual. Now you will think about what to do at this point?

See, This is a very common problem people are facing, this happens due to bulk of payment, Bank server down or not respond. App and updating themself then Bank hahaha. So the bank can not handle the traffic and their server goes down.

What should You do in that situation?

Wait for 3 working days, Because usually, the bank takes 3 working days to complete the transaction. Better to wait before contacting google pay customer care helpline number.

Ask the recipient to check their passbook to see if he/she received the money. If a transaction is failed then check your passbook entry, it will show UPI-REV or UPI-RET followed by UPI transaction id.

If the above method does not suit you then you can handle it legally by Raising a dispute.

To raise a dispute you need to:-

Open Google Pay Google Pay → Open the transaction that you want to report → .

At the top right, tap More (three dots icon) and then Raise a dispute → Tap Continue.

How can you reach Contact Google Pay customer care?

How to contact Google Customer care number

Now you know everything about Google pay customer care service. but still, you don’t know how to contact Google pay customer care agent. I will explain you step by step process for contacting customer service,

Follow these steps carefully:-

  • First, you have to open the Google pay.
  • After opening Google Play app you will see three dots on the right side of your mobile screen
  • Click on the three dots and setting will open
  • Now scroll down you will see the options help and feedback
  • Now click on Phone Option. 

How to send Email to Google pay?

Yes, You can send an Email to Google Pay. However, this facility is also available through the app. There is no email address and you can’t write a mail from any other mailbox. But, Google would reply you back to your email. further, you can also reply. There are two ways to write mail.

  1. Click on to the “Help and Feedback” Page.
  2. You will see to option “Chat” and “Call” button, you would see a link for the Feedback. Tap on that link and this would open a Form to write your problem.
  3. Go to the All transactions. Scroll down to find the link for transactions. From the list of transactions, Choose the desired one. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner. Tap on the ‘ Send Feedback’. It would open the Form to write a mail.

Fraud on google pay?

Today we see How people got scammed by sharing just sharing common bank detail. People get scammed on Google pay also, As I Know this better because this happens to me But I know how to handle it. You can lose your money. Beware of online fraud. Never share your Personal Detail with anyone.

8 thoughts on “Google Pay Customer Care Number 18004190157 | Toll-Free Helpline

    1. All Customer Care Helpline Post author

      So, If your payment is not successfully transferred and not refunded to you within one week. You should contact google pay customer care representative as soon as possible.

  1. Yogendr kumar

    Maya Venkat, a 28-year-old Bengaluru-based yoga trainer, saved herself from a fraudulent transaction of Rs 14,000 while using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) application. She was trying to sell her bed on OLX, a platform for buying and selling goods.

    The UPI enables bank account holders (of banks participating in the UPI) to send and receive money using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA), a unique ID, without requiring additional bank information. Fraudsters tend to ask for the Virtual Payment Address (VPA) on a phone call or while engaging you in a chat.

    Beware of engaging with fraudsters

    On 21 May 2019, a person (fraudster) messaged Maya on OLX, inquiring about the product and negotiated on the price. After nominal bargaining, she decided to sell the bed to this person for Rs 28,000. Later, the person asked if half the amount as the deposit is acceptable to freeze this deal and whether he could transfer this amount using any of the UPI apps.

    She immediately agreed to close the deal and asked for a deposit of Rs 14,000 using PhonePe (UPI app). After a few minutes, he gave a call to Ms Venkat and engaged her in another conversation about how the furniture could be transported, location, etc.

    Herein lied the trick. Recalls Maya, “In the middle of this discussion, the person said that he had sent a request on the UPI app for the advance amount of Rs 14,000 as discussed and calmly asked me to accept it.”

    Maya kept the call on hold and checked the message on the UPI app requesting to receive the amount. She was shocked to see a pop-up message on the UPI app from the person and understood that the request was to transfer the amount from her account to his account.

    Had she accepted the request and entered the PIN to complete the transaction by staying on the call with the person, she would have lost Rs 14,000.

    She called the buyer once more and asked for an explanation. The person feigned ignorance and said that he would look for an alternative way to transfer the amount to her. However, the person didn’t approach her again.

    According to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) data, the total number of UPI transactions has reached 79.95 crores in March 2019, up from 17.80 crores in March 2018 and 62.01 crores in December 2018. There has been a growth in the total value of UPI transactions as well – Rs 1.33 lakh crore in March 2019 versus Rs 24,172 crore in March 2018. Therefore, it is important for consumers to be aware of fraudulent transactions.

    Be alert to transfer requests on UPI

    Fraudsters take advantage of the ‘request money’ option on UPI apps such as Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM), Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. Imposters show interest in buying a product advertised on various online platforms and engage with the seller on a phone call. They make the seller of the product to transfer the money using UPI apps’ ‘request money’ option. There have been numerous instances of such frauds in the last couple of months.

    Maya makes suggestions to overcome this menace. “Companies should change the user interface of the app in a way that the user will be more alert when request money window pops up on the screen. Also, clearly mention that after accepting this transaction (request), your account will be debited with Rs XYZ amount.” At present, to make it user friendly, Google Pay explicitly points out the direction of the money flow in the user interface to make it easy for the user to distinguish between send and receive requests.

  2. Rajkumar

    Google pay customer care number

    All UPI money transfer pending failed to call me Google pay customer care number but 24%7 hours available thanks

    Your Google Pay TEZ account is linked to NPCI,s UPI ( National Payment Corporation of India’s Unified Payment Interface) which is backed by RBI with fraudulent transaction insurance of Rs.100000, thus even if Google Pay or Phone pay or any other app which uses UPI gets hacked will not affect the UPI because the google pay app connects to UPI through the internet so until and unless someone clones your SIM which is linked to your bank account, knows your UPI password, debit card details one cannot hack it in the sense to transfer the money. Unless you himself/herself give him all details.

    Note: Fraudulent transaction insurance covers only those transaction which is carried out through UPI server automatically, it would not compensate anyone who has himself given the OTP, or provided the UPI ID then approved the third party for fund transfer.Thankyou


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