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Constipation is a most common complaint of digestive system due to faulty lifestyle. It can be treated with Ayurvedic Medicine effectively.

In Ayurvedic texts, Vibandha (constipation) is not mentioned as a specific disease, but it is mentioned as various diseases Nidana (causal factor), Lakshana (symptoms) and Upadrava (complications). can be considered lakšana in Udavarta (retention of feces, plates and urine) as Anaha (obstacles), Adhmana (bloating), Malaavastamba (stool hardness) on Apana Vayu Pratiloma Gati (reverse flow).

Constipation treatment in ayurveda. Natural and Effective treatment on constipation with herbal medicine.

Usually, patients who complain of Vibandha have Krura Koshtha, which results from Vata dominance, and due to Vata Rukshna Guna, it increases water absorption and causes hard stools.

In fact, all people with a vata constitution have this problem to some degree, Pakvashaya is the main place for Vibandha which is dominated by Apana Vata. Rukha Guna, represented by Vata, continues to produce hard-to-pass stools.

Vibandha management relies on Samprapti Vighatana, and Apana Vata is the main Dosha that causes Vibandha, so the drug opposite to Vata Dosha, which is Ushna, Sniggha, Guru, Sara, and Dravya, should be used to treat constipation.

This is a prescription guide for Ayurveda Physician Only. Doctor Should choose different Formulation & Dose according to Patients.

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Treatment (Vibandha Chikitsa)

Single Herbal Formulation

Sl. No.Name of the formulationAusadha kalpanaMatra (Daily Dose)AnupanaReference
1.Trivrit Curna (operculina turpethum)Curna3 gm BDHot waterC.S.Su. 25
2.Eranda Taila (Ricinus Communis)Seed oil (Caster oil)10 ml BDWarm milkC.S.Ci 13/12

Compound Herbal formulation

Sl. No.Name of FormulationAusadha KalpanaMatraAnupanaTextual Reference
1.Vaiswanara CurnaCurna3 gm BDHot waterB.R. Amavata Chikitsa
2.AbhayaristaArista20 ml BDwith equal qty. of water after mealsB.R. Udara Arsa Chikitsa
3.Ichhabhedi RasaVati250 mg BDCold waterB.R. Udara roga Chikitsa
4.Pathyadi KwathaKwatha30 ml BDwaterB.R. Arsa Chikitsa

Pathya Apathya

Meal Pathya (Do’s)Apathya (Don’ts)
CerealsOld rice, WheatRice
PulsesGreen gram (mudga), pigeon pea (arahara) Black gram (udada), peas(matara)
Fruits & vegetablesGreen vegetables, papaya, carrot, radish, cucumber (khira), cabbage,
bottle gourd (lauki)
Banana, potato and other tubers
OthersExcess intake of water Spicy food, fast food
Life styleSudation, therapeutic purgation (virecana), therapeutic enema (vasti), walkingNight awakening, suppression of natural urges, lack of exercise


Most important principle of Vibandha is that to include dietary modification, like usage of sweet, sour and saline tastes which are useful for the elimination of stool. So, drugs and diets should be managed accordingly to alleviate Vibandha (constipation). There are description of many drugs to alleviate Vibandha (constipation), such as Sitarasika which is prepared from boiled juice. Phalavarga: Matulunga’s juice is especially beneficial for
constipation. Jambira phala cures constipation. Nagara (dry Sunthi) and Hingu are easily digestible and relieves constipation.

Note: The above given drugs are certain suggested choices only. Panchakarma and other procedures if any required may be rationally adopted by Physician on case to case basis. The above mentioned dose is for the use of adults. However, dose and duration of therapy, pathya & apathya may be conveniently
decided by the Physician on case to case basis on Ayurvedic

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All above information is taken from Central Council of Indian medicine (CCMI) – CLASSICAL AYURVEDIC PRESCRIPTIONS FOR COMMON DISEASES

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