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Words denoting nationality | Learn Hindi to English

In English, people of the country like China, Burma, America and Russia etc. are called Chinese, Burmese, American and Russian etc. respectively. In Hindi, they are called Chinese, Burman, American, Russian etc. respectively. The words used by people learning English in English for their countrymen, so that the colour of English can fall on their… Read More »

Learn Etiquette सभ्यता-शिष्टाचार | Learn Hindi to English

In this post, we are going to Learn Etiquette today. if you want to success then learning etiquette is essential. Get value addition in your carrier. You should notice Successful people, the way they talk, feel calmness and smooth in there speech. Everyone impress with them. क्या होते है Etiquette? जिनसे संबंधित बातचीत हर समय… Read More »